Emotional skills and competencies : E.S.a.C


A two-day core programme centered on cutting edge behavioral science, that prepares people with the knowledge, skills and approaches to evaluate verbal and non-verbal communications from others.

It covers the knowledge, understanding, skills and application of emotional competencies. The course is designed to help you become aware of your own emotions (before they get you into any trouble!).

Based on Dr Ekman's science and leading edge training methodology you will use the emotional timeline from trigger... to impulse... to action to understand the challenges and skills around awareness through that process.

It will also develop your skills to enable you to read the true emotions in others to help you build and maintain constructive, successful relationships.

You will learn how to read facial expressions, plus the other four channels that we need to pay attention to in others if we really want to know what they are saying: body language, voice, verbal style and the actual words spoken/written. You will practice and hone those skills in a safe environment with a Paul Ekman International Approved Trainer.


To enable you to recognize and manage your own emotions, improve your capacity to identify emotions in others and adopt appropriate strategies for building productive relationships.


At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand how emotions work
  • Recognise your hot triggers
  • Be aware of impulses as they arise
  • Be aware of when you are in the grip of an emotion
  • Develop self-monitoring capabilities.
  • Recognise emotions in others to aid deeper understanding
  • Use this information to work with others constructively