“We need to find what is actually going on in organizations before we rush in to tell the management what to do about the culture”
Edgar Schein
Facilitating change in the cultural climate of an organization in order to enhance collective performance

Context and Objective

Supporting an organization’s leadership as a “positive change” catalyst through a creative re-generating process.

  • Understand the organizational culture with its values & beliefs
  • Identify peak moments that give life to that organization
  • Establish an action plan to reinstall a “can do” spirit & attitude


Phased Approach

  • 1. Understanding the context
  • 2. Defining the business challenge and the roadmap
  • 3. Going forward

An Appreciative Inquiry Exercise

  • Discovery: Appreciating the best of “what is”
  • Dream: Envisioning “what might be”
  • Design: Dialogue about “what should be” identifying high impact elements for change
  • Destiny: Declaring the intended actions, owning them and getting everybody’s support

A Roadmap Going Forward

The overall culture has a considerable momentum that has to be consolidated. Once the focus group’s findings are out, impact the current climate with tactical small changes that will tackle the following areas of focus chronologically.

Main Areas Focus

  • Clarifying the meaning of what is happening
  • Identifying stories
  • Determining strategic initiatives
  • Identifying small wins
  • Establishing milestones for the change
  • Communication and symbols
  • Leadership development