“We look at things not as they are ...
but as we are”
Anais Nin
Assisting the leadership team members to come together in a more powerful way in order to address the requirements of their common mission and build them into a high functioning team

Context and Objective

When coaching a Leadership Team, we begin with a working definition of “the effective team” built upon the best and most exciting research in the field. We work with teams as a collective body to address the five critical dimensions of their success.


Facilitating a process consultation, helping clients reach their desired objectives and encouraging them find their own solutions.

Phased Approach

1. Pre-coaching


  • A raised level of awareness, an agreed position and a plan for the team going forward

2. Active Coaching


  • A perception of aligned and harmonious functioning from within the team
  • Perceptions of effectiveness and responsiveness from external stakeholders
  • Excellent business performance as defined by all the team members