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More on Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching maximizes your personal and professional potential. It’s a working alliance between a high potential executive and a development agent.

At Coach-Inc we partner with you through a thought-provoking and creative process.

We have solid experience understanding and leveraging the diverse corporate cultures in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA region).

What is an executive coach?

Executive coaches are trained to listen, observe, and customize their approach to your individual needs. They elicit solutions and strategies from you, based on your natural creativity and resourcefulness. An executive coach's job is to support you in enhancing the skills you already have.

What Makes Someone Coachable

Is executive coaching or leadership coaching right for you?

To know if you can benefit from executive coaching and leadership coaching, start by summarizing what you expect to accomplish in coaching. When you have a fairly clear idea of the outcome you desire, a coaching partnership is useful in developing a strategy for achieving that result with greater ease. Since professional coaching is a working alliance, it works best if you value collaborating, having another viewpoint, and considering new perspectives.