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Our people

We are citizens of the world; multicultural and multilingual. We are strongly motivated by the conviction that coaching has the potential to make the world a better place.

What brought us and keeps us together is a set of values that we hold to be sacred: to be authentic, passionate, committed to building autonomy, and to always operate with integrity.

Carl Bou Malham

A consultant in organizational effectiveness and an ICF Executive coach. Specialized in building working alliances with Leading C-suite Executives in the public and private sectors as well as enhancing High Performance Teams at Boards and Steering Committees levels.

Kamal Dimachkie

Business Leader, Communications Expert, Problem-Solver, Executive Leadership Coach. Kamal is a versatile leader and a polyvalent talent. He is an ACC ICF certified coach, and the current COO and co-founding partner of TOUGHLOVE Advisors, an advisory firm focusing primarily on supporting SMEs and FOBs.