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Our people

We are citizens of the world; multicultural and multilingual. We are strongly motivated by the conviction that coaching has the potential to make the world a better place.

What brought us and keeps us together is a set of values that we hold to be sacred: to be authentic, passionate, committed to building autonomy, and to always operate with integrity.

Carl Bou Malham

A consultant in organizational effectiveness and an ICF Executive coach. Specialized in building working alliances with Leading C-suite Executives in the public and private sectors as well as enhancing High Performance Teams at Boards and Steering Committees levels.

Amaal Alani

An ambitious member of the International coaching Federation (ICF) and a holder of a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) certificate. Coaching clients from multinational organizations in the public and private sector ranging from C-suite level to mid level managers and directors in the MENA, Europe and North America regions.

Kamal Dimachkie

Business Leader, Communications Expert, Problem-Solver, Executive Leadership Coach. Kamal is a versatile leader and a polyvalent talent. He is an ACC ICF certified coach, and the current COO and co-founding partner of TOUGHLOVE Advisors, an advisory firm focusing primarily on supporting SMEs and FOBs.