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Who We Are

Who we are

We are your partners in building personal, professional, and organizational effectiveness. We facilitate achieving deeper levels of significance.


Our Purpose

The world is at an interesting crossroads, and we are living in times of accelerating change, growing uncertainty, rising complexity, and ambiguity. Humanity has never been under as much pressure to reinvent, to transform and to set itself on a course of sustained betterment.

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Our Vision

We believe that organizations who thrive are people centric, culture driven and positioned at the heart of their communities. Building individual awareness, corporate citizenship, and collective contribution are key to unlocking the agility and resilience that build prosperity through times of change.

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Our Differentiators

We show up authentically: We faithfully reflect what we experience. The vulnerability to be and courage to do are our hallmarks…

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Our People

We are citizens of the world; multicultural and multilingual. We are strongly motivated by the conviction that coaching has the potential to make the world a better place.

What brought us and keeps us together is a set of values that we hold to be sacred: to be authentic, passionate, committed to building autonomy, and to always operate with integrity.

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Our Story

Coach Inc.’s story started in 2010 when, at a major crossroads in his career, founder Carl Bou Malham realized that more than three decades later he came full circle and found his first love, which is organizational and people development. Thus began the very first steps to what would become Coach Inc.

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