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Our story

Coach Inc.’s story started in 2010 when, at a major crossroads in his career, founder Carl Bou Malham realized that more than three decades later he came full circle and found his first love, which is organizational and people development. Thus began the very first steps to what would become Coach Inc.

Access untapped power, uniqueness & creative potential

Our conviction is that with the right catalyst and guide, every individual can access untapped power, uniqueness and creative potential and ability so they become better versions of themselves. Coach Inc. endeavors to be such a guide.

Fast forward to 2022, Carl was joined by two partners, Kamal Dimachkie, an ex-colleague, and Amaal Al Ani. Interestingly, all three are graduates of the University of Texas at Dallas, Executive Leadership Coaching & Mentorship Program.

Inspired by personal and professional experiences that shaped their lives and thinking, both Kamal and Amaal, are highly motivated by their views of the world, significant emotional intelligence and high empathy, and the realization that we can play important catalyzing roles in enabling people develop agency, autonomy and become better versions of themselves.

An active leadership team believer in the power of coaching and its potential impact in the world as a force for good.

Partially by accident, partially by design, the three partners joined forces and embarked on phase 2 of Coach Inc. Committed to the same purpose, vision and value system, all three form an active leadership team that is a strong believer in the power of coaching and its potential impact in the world as a force for good.

Coach Inc. was born out of a strong desire and a conviction to build capacity for increased awareness that leads to sustainable advancement and growth.