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Building and implementing tailor-made management assessment centers and leadership assessment centers is a science based on specific know-how. At Coach-Inc we couple this expertise with insight into talent management in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA region).

How do management assessment & leadership assessment work?

It all begins with launching a performance appraisal, evaluating capabilities (from psychometric to technical), mapping talents, and gauging readiness. We then identify which tools, approaches, and frameworks are best suited.

What’s the process to build a management assessment center & leadership assessment center?

Investing in management assessment centers and leader assessment centers is worthwhile when it’s done professionally. To ensure you get the most out of setting up a management and leadership assessment center at your organization, we follow a comprehensive methodology:

Leadership Assessment Center

  • Defining and Building Competencies Framework:
  1. Core
  2. Behavioral
  3. Leadership
  4. Technical
  •  Building the assessment center with:
  1. KPIs
  2. Tools
  3. Cases
  4. Interviews
  •  Designing a talent review table to map talents using leadership matrices and identifying high potential employees (Hi-Pos)
  •  Organizational audit:
  1. Process
  2. Structure
  3. Weaving
  4. Culture

Performance Management

We then move to giving executive coaching sessions that integrate different tools, reviews, and techniques. This includes sessions focused on:

  •  Implementing ongoing performance appraisal schemes to align individual and organizational objectives.
  •  Building and implementing a Leadership Development Center (LDC)
  •  Ongoing communication with agile goals / OKR, developmental conversations, and real-time check-ins.

What is a leadership development center?

While a good leadership development program can achieve a lot, a leadership development center (LDC) can achieve even more. At Coach-Inc we help you build and manage a leadership development center that highlights who should be developed and groomed for leadership and who should be re-deployed based on performance level, ultimate potential level, and readiness level.

What are the benefits of management & leadership assessment centers?

Talent management is every organization’s lifeline. Especially since around 70% of the workforce isn’t reaching its full potential, average efficiency is 40%, and voluntary turn-over is on the rise (particularly among promising performers).

Identifying the high potential employees at your company is vital since they outperform peers and also grow faster and are more efficient.

Their behavior reflects company culture and values and they can lead by example. Identifying who should be groomed for leadership by assessing performance, ultimate potential, and readiness ensures your organization retains a competitive edge and has the people power needed for long-term success.