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Leadership Team Coaching

Tapping into the collective power of leadership can unlock new levels of performance and growth for your business. Effective leadership team coaching begins by crafting a working definition of what an effective team is, which covers five critical dimensions:

Commission Ensuring your team has a clear commission and setting a contract for what your team must deliver.
Clarifying Spelling out the primary purpose, goals, objectives, and roles for your team members.
Co-creation Fostering a culture and dynamics (both individual and collective) that empowers your team to co-create something greater than the sum of its parts.
Connecting Engaging all critical stakeholders outside your team.
Core Learning Activating and integrating your team’s core learning process individually and collectively.


Offering observations and insights in real time, our leadership team coaches support team members and leaders in making the right shifts in work habits and team principles to unleash optimal performance.

What are the benefits of leadership team coaching?

Developing individual leadership is very different to having an effective leadership team. And having capable leaders isn’t enough without shared vision, clarity, ownership, and trust.

Rapid macro-environmental/micro-environmental changes, faster transformation cycles, and diverse stakeholders mean responsiveness, transparency, reduced conflict, competitiveness, and profitability are more vital than ever.

This makes the synchronization of the leadership team as a whole key. And this is where Coach-Inc’s leadership team coaching services come into play.

What is the leadership team coaching process?

The better the leadership team coaching process, the greater the impact and effectiveness. This is why Coach-Inc’s leadership team coaching methodology covers everything from facilitating a process consultation to helping you reach your desired objectives and encouraging you to find solutions so you can move from individual heroes to collective power.

Phase 1

Our pre-coaching includes having individual conversations with each team member, shadowing team meetings, inquiring on the current team condition, and conducting an individual multi-rater assessment (Global Executive Leadership Inventory GELI).

Based on our findings, we launch a discussion on what and how to improve. Your team members can then explore how to communicate and collaborate more effectively. This results in raised awareness, an agreed position, and a plan for your team going forward.

Phase 2

Our active coaching engages your leadership team through an on-going relationship focused on team development. This begins by considering how your team is functioning internally and how it’s interacting externally. Outcomes are measured by:

  • The team’s perceptions of aligned and harmonious functioning
  •  External stakeholders’ perceptions of effectiveness and responsiveness
  •  Team members’ collective definition of excellent business performance