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Executive coaching

Achieve your objectives as a high-profile executive.

At Coach-Inc our executive coaches work closely with you so you can enhance your professional and personal performance. By mirroring your thinking and behavior, we increase your awareness, goal clarity, and ability to succeed.

We equip you with the means to better express your leadership identity, enhance your decision-making, and improve your communication and relationship management.

But most importantly, we tailor your executive coaching plan and sessions to address your individual needs and those of your organization. Professionalism and rapport are at the basis of our executive coaching in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA region).


How can executive coaching help?

Every executive has different needs. Including you and your team. By covering a broad range of themes, our executive coaching services help you and your team get to where you need to be in today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving business arena.

Increase team performance and unlock far-reaching potential:

Strategy & effective implementation
Fostering innovation and learning at work
Shaping & leading high performing teams
Assessment of people & giving regular feedback
Personality/cultural difference, workplace diversity, & working with different people
Conflict resolution & negotiation skills
Career management (team)

Benefit from personal professional development:

Coaching skills as a manager
The balance of delegation & control
Relationship management & communication skills
Emotional intelligence & its effect on the business environment
Work-life balance, stress management, & coping techniques
Leadership & management styles & skills based on individual & corporate values
Playing to strengths
Career management (self)

What’s the objective of executive coaching?

Great executive coaching goes beyond executive coaching certification and executive coaching programs. It’s rooted in real-world business experience and proven know-how that helps you apply leadership learning to your own unique challenges.

How does executive coaching work?

One size doesn’t fit all. But a professional executive coaching process makes a significant difference. At Coach-Inc we follow a step-by step methodology to ensure you experience impactful and tailored executive coaching. Our executive coaching approach delivers the personalized results you need.

Phase 1

We begin with pre-coaching assessment and action planning, including a leadership development plan and coaching agenda.

Phase 3

We begin with pre-coaching assessment and action planning, including a leadership development plan and coaching agenda.

Phase 2

We then move to giving executive coaching sessions that integrate different tools, reviews, and techniques. This includes sessions focused on:

  • Specific strengths and development areas
  •  Future plans for corporate and for individual professional life
  •  Action plans for achieving future goals
  •  Readiness for possible internal and external obstacles that may interfere with those plans
  •  Connections and progress from one session to another