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More on Executive Coaching

Is executive coaching or leadership coaching right for you?

To know if you can benefit from executive coaching and leadership coaching, start by summarizing what you expect to accomplish in coaching.

When you have a fairly clear idea of the outcome you desire, a coaching partnership is useful in developing a strategy for achieving that result with greater ease.

Since professional coaching is a working alliance, it works best if you value collaborating, having another viewpoint, and considering new perspectives.

How is executive coaching different?

While executive coaching and leadership coaching have some similarities with consulting and therapy, they’re very distinct in their own right. How? Because they focus on the future, foster individual performance, and help leaders discover their own path in a way consulting and therapy can’t.

How does executive coaching or leadership coaching benefit leaders?

Not everyone is a real leader and not all leaders are the same. But all coached leaders positively contribute to their organizations since they:

Elicit creative solution seeking
Deliver improved management performance
Act as a sounding board for key decisions
Help cope with change dynamics

How does executive coaching benefit organizations?

Executive coaching and leadership coaching can benefit your organization on several levels by:

Develop capabilities of high potential managers
Facilitate change transitions
Enhancing interactions in a team and across teams
Address derailing behaviors